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Saturday, March 26, 2011

For radio transmission 1

(some of these articles are a little haphazard because they were written for radio initially)
Mid eighties (82 to 85)

Post Blue Monday and prior to the Buck Rogers Era...

That era is a good one because it has a glorious high point and a very low point in Expos history. The positive being the first All Star Game held outside the US of A and the low point being the Pittsburgh Cocaine trials of 85 and one of our greatest Heroes being entangled in that situation.

All Star Game

lots of Expos there eh!
59,057 people attended the All Star Game in Montreal Quebec.  Four starters and one reserve were in Expo uniform, Mr. Steve Rogers, Mr. Andre The Hawk Dawson,  Mr. Gary The Kid Carter, Mr. Timmy The Rock Raines, and Mr. Al Scoop Oliver. This may be the actual high point of Major League baseball in Montreal. We were one of  the top 5 baseball cities in North America at this point in time. NL won 4-1.

Pittsburgh Cocaine Trials
The All Star Game was a blip in the radar on the positive side, the next real big blip in the Expos history radar is the 1985 Drug trials which involved one of if not the most beloved Expo...the great Tim Raines.

This has some similarities to the Steroid trials of recent years but some glaring contrasts also. The obvious being the steroids is performance enhancing while cocaine is a performance hindering substance. In the steroids hearings, there was three main ways the players responded to the accusation...which was (A) to lie and deny (B) To say they simply can't remember or (C) to admit it straight up and apologize. That was the way the accused in the Pittsburgh drug trials reacted too, and the only guy who went the admit and apologize route was Timmy Raines. He held a heart felt press conference where he admitted he had a problem and needed help and then apologized to his team, wife, his parents, and his young son. He evaded any reproach from the league, and he wasn't suspended like many players were. He made the right decision by going that route and the Expos fans were forgiving to him.

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He went from a really small town to party capital of the god damned world...Montreal atmosphere ate him up a little bit. He was only 20 years old when he became a full time player...(his salary from 81 to 82 rose from 45K to 200K) that's really young to be given a large sum of money and then turned loose on Saint Catherine street. You look at the forgive and forget policy nowadays like Ron Washington got off scot free and he was the manager of team back then this was more serious business...like Ronald Reagan's War on Drugs was in full effect and this could have a resulted in lengthy prison sentances, if they didn't have the money for good lawyers they would have been in the metal klink no doubt.

Raines Quote:

"Drug addiction is a disease people have just like diabetes. "

Dawson was a good Christian type guy and became a surrogate older brother to Raines is what the general consensus is on any data you come across on the subject. Raines was younger and knew about Dawson from their time in Florida and looked up to him even before they even met apparently. Dawson was a positive role model and it was a big factor in getting Raines off of drugs and back in mental shape.

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