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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What I saw on TV today

     I watched Benny Hinn Ministries this morning, and I saw his guest Brother Johnny Francis interpret his view of the parable which involved Jesus and the fig tree.
    Francis states that Jesus came upon a fig tree, and being hungry approached it in hopes of picking figs and eating them. As Jesus got closer to the tree he noticed it was bare and figless, which left him feeling deceived and disappointed. Francis explains the meaning of this parable in the following manner: That Jesus gets hungry like all of us and is not perfect like we believe him to be. He states that Jesus was tempted by the fig tree to relieve his hunger which he refers to as his “desire,” as he gives into his desire for hunger he is deceived by the tree and thusly is disappointed and “suffers” because of it. Francis ends by saying the moral of this story is to “curse, doom, and terminate” your desire towards temptation in order to reach a “spiritual manifest.”
    He explains “spiritual manifest” as being the place above the questions which plague the humans of earth, and you achieve manifest by “meditating through prayer.” Through meditation we find the words to tell the devil that he is trespassing in our lives and the words to make him stop.
    It is interesting how he has taken a very Buddhist approach to interpreting this parable, using the words “desire,” “suffering,” and “meditation” even during his monologue. It is even more interesting how he has taken this short parable and interpreted it simply through the workings of the brain to mean something so elaborate, and that is the best part about religion. Anyone can read those stories and let the workings of their brain interpret it into whatever they wish it to mean in order to help them answer the unanswerable questions and relieve their anxieties. It should also be noted that, yes, all the evangelist programs on TV are basically commercials for the host to sell products but there is theological information that can be found within them as well at times.

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