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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Best Iron Sheik vids on Youtube

"A-a-a-and...besides that, everything was great." - Iron Sheik

I don't got a lot of heart or emotions or that shit and when I want to show emotion I usually use a pre-recorded mental template as a guide. My mental template for conveying anger to folks was an easy one to choose because there's only one guy on earth who makes being angry so freaking funny and enjoyable to watch and listen too. I'm talking about the Iron Sheik, who a few years ago resurfaced and took the internet by storm with his outlandish and near insane angry babbling.

5th best: Boston Promo

An oldie to set up that he was always pretty cool to begin with. Here he is just letting "the intelligent Boston people," the "Italian [his] Pizzans," the "Iranian people," and the "Intelligent Jew People" like the "Gene Mean" know his feelings about the Junk Yard Dog.

4th Best: Chewing out at the Ultimate Warrior

I take this one as proof that his disposition is not an act or a shtick of any kind, as we see when the Ultimate Warrior refuses to shake his hand and Sheik's beautifully loony anger boils over. He seems to know that the Ultimate Warrior is from Georgia and apparently this is important...I think.

3rd Best: Letting "Vul Mario" know that he is no fucking good

His anger and insanity really shines in this one as he curses out a person who dissed him, he builds and builds until the coup de grace at 2:53 which is somewhat offensive but pretty funny.

 2nd Best: On the "Derek and Romaine" radio show

To do damage control for the above video where he uses the word "fag" in a pejorative fashion, here he explains that he has nothing against gay folks...just the "dumb ones" like the Ultimate Warrior. At the 4:00 minute mark she confronts him directly about using "fag" as a pejorative insult and he clearly explains that he actually loves and respects "the gay people" for their intelligence.

1st Best of the Best: Interview with Dan Maloney

This is the one that kicked the Sheik back into his long anticipated and badly long overdue reemergence into popular culture and it has finally crossed the 1 million view mark on Youtube. In this one he is asked "an excellent excellent question" by Mr. Maloney and kindly answers it by expressing his distaste with former wrestler Brain Blair. The irony of him using "fag" as a pejorative but threatening to preform homo-sadistic acts on his enemies is kinda funny too.

I don't want to end on a sad note but the truth behind the Iron Sheik's mental instability and mind-lossage sadly has to do with the death of his eldest daughter who was murdered by her boyfriend (source). So when you watch these don't hate on the dude for being so loud and crazy because he really is quite a troubled fellow due to that tragedy.

(Extra Good Bonus Shit: Threatening to kick the shit out of Michael "Kramer" Richards, and of course, threatening to kick the crap outta the Great and Legendary Beetajuice.)

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