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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Google Adsense is stupid

I have almost made 1 dollar from the google. I'm gonna cash in and go down to the Dep (convenience store) and almost buy a Big Turk candy bar. You can't make much money legally with the Google Adsense is my conclusion. I was under the impression that it was by page views for some reason and then it would be pretty easy to make some money without doing any auxiliary procedures. You only get some cents when the ads are actually clicked on and no one in their right mind ever clicks on ads.

Who's getting the money?

It's really dumb this Google Adsense...if someone just sets up a botnet or even just gets a dozen old computers and writes a macro to have them refresh their proxies and click on the ads over and over again...you could probably make a lot of money. I would never do anything like that and I suggest to whomever's reading this that they do NOT under ANY circumstances try that.

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