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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Defense of Human Kookery

An investigative report: Crazy folks...are they okay, or are they just big idiots?

what the fuck are you doing?
The word "idiot" is an interesting word, it doesn't just mean dumb or stupid, idiot is based on the word "idio" which is defined as "one's own; private; personal." Everyone has their own private and personal mind, and will only ever know that one. You can walk in another person's shoes but you can never think with someone else's mind. Haven't you ever wondered how someone else's mind works? Have you ever wanted to journey into someone's deep and dark subconscious human mind? I sure have...

The world kind of gets boring, at times, when everyone tries to act the same way. People want to talk the same and dress the same but that's just superficial aesthetic qualities, it's when people try to think the same is where the real boring part kicks in. Isn't it fun to meet someone who is genuinely out of their mind? I'm talking about in a fun kooky sort of way, not in a violent or terrible sort of way. I'm talking about funny folks who claim to have been contacted by aliens (like former Detroit Tigers first baseman Darrell Evans), or have travelled to the other dimensions (like former Philidelphia Phillies catcher Darren "Dutch" Daulton)...you know kooky people.

An ardent and respected researcher on the matter, Donna Kossy, defines the word "kook" as follows:

"The word "kook" was coined by the beatniks, as a pared-down version of "cuckoo," as in "going cuckoo." A kook is a person stigmatized by virtue of outlandish, extreme or socially unacceptable beliefs that underpin their entire existence. Kooks usually don't keep their beliefs to themselves; they either air them constantly or create lasting monuments to them."

-Kossy, D., "Kooks Museum Lobby" (http://web.archive.org/web/20080215015348/http://www.pacifier.com/~dkossy/kooksmus.html)
Crazy folks are nuts, but at least they are original and I think originality is a good quality. I'm not the first to write in defense of crazy types, Ivan Stang has done immense case study research on "kooks" and in his book "High Weirdness by Mail" he writes in defense of crackpots as well,

"...there will always be people crazy enough to march right past the brink of rationality and over the cliff. Historically, it's always been the kooks and the crazies who were 'dumb enough' to 'fight City Hall' and stand up against the blind colossi of political oppression.

Beware of "Viewpoint Shock" [when researching kooks] resulting in depression. Never kid yourself that you've seen it all. No matter how weird you think you are, sooner of later you're going to encounter someone much weirder. Overexposure to conflicting alien belief systems can leave you seeing the world as one big locked ward in which even the doctors are hopelessly insane.

I love the kooks and weirdos...one thing we can know for certain: it takes all kinds."

-Stang, I. "High Weirdness by Mail" p.5-7

pre-internet kook database
"High Weirdness By Mail" was pre-internet and is a great kook resource (it was made into a webpage later on), but when the internet came out, the human kook factor exploded 100 fold. We as humans learned three basic things when the internet came about:

1. There's a lot of information we weren't told.

2. We have a hell of lot of learnin' to do.


3. The human mind is darker and more fucked up than anyone ever imagined.

Remember how popular "rotten.com" was when the net first came out? Didn't that stuff make you sick? All the "2 girls 1 cup" and "lemon party" sickness on the internet gave us one collective gross-out. Is humanity really this fucked up? What's wrong with us? Do people really get off by dressing up in animals suits and engaging in coitus? Maybe this "human mind" of ours needs some more investigation if it's really this messed up.

When the internet got going strong, the website that best chronicled the craziest people of the world wide web was a site (now defunct) called the "Portal of Evil" which had links, categories, and short blurbs for all the absolutely batshit insane folks on the net. Much of the data and kook research from this site has been archived by Encyclopedia Dramatica for better or worse.

If you're going to look through the Encyclopedia Dramatica, please be forewarned: this site is written in "troll-speak" which means that every article's style is meant to offend every one of your sensibilities. If you have pride in being a certain thing (a particular nationality, race, creed, religion) or a fan of anything, or hold anything dear...if you read the ED article on that specific thing you will leave offended, shocked, horrified, and angry. That being said, it has recorded and chronicled internet kooks better than any other resource in history. It is also where cheap watered down sites like "Know Your Meme" plagarized ALL their historical information from.

You plagiarist...you beautiful hot sexy plagiarist...
Speaking of getting watered down, Encyclopedia Dramatica recently switched over to being "Oh Internet" and cleaned up all the offensive terms out of their articles. I believe the reason for this was for money. The first article on ED that was cleaned up and started displaying ads was the article on Zach Anner's voting fiasco with the Oprah Network. They had the most accurate write-up of the events which transpired and likely had an influx of traffic that they never imagined due to that article. Soon after the Anner article was cleaned up and covered with advertisements...they switched over to being "Oh Internet" which is a pile of crap. They probably got jealous that "Know Your Meme" was purchased by the Cheez Burger Network for a large sum of money, and tried to emulate them to score big too. It's sad and ironic that "Know Your Meme" plagiarized all their data from ED but was the one that got rich, go figure.

Luckily, soon after the water-down schism which turned ED into a pile of garbage, someone took the archives and uploaded it to a Swiss web-server (.ch) and now all that horrible offensive insane nonsense is back on the net...over here (please don't get info from here if you are offended easily, I'm not joking either, they will get your goat and then some).

Alrighty, so if you are interested in peering into the mind of human kooks those are some ways to do it...moving on...

Is Stang correct in his assessment? Are kooks the only people "dumb enough" to fight authority and not conform to social norms? They sure don't seem to conform to anything that's for sure. Someone who thinks it's normal to wear tin foil around his or her head to protect his or her self from microscopic nano-machines that aliens are trying to sew into their brain is probably not going to listen to what anyone tells them.

Demons dance alooooooooooooooone.
Another pro-kook defender is the mysterious lead singer of the Residents who revels in giving the characters heralded in his songs tons of original backstory. It's as if he tries to place himself out of his idio-centric mind and into the idio-centric mind of a deeply troubled individual (which can be anyone, no individual is without their troubles). The liner notes in the album "Demons Dance Alone" describes the characters dreamt up by the Residents as people who's mental personal demons have left them with a distorted view on what it means to be human. I like that description, it seems we have all come to vastly different conclusions on what it means to be a human being and what our role as humans is.

Everyone is a kook to some extent, anyone who takes pride in their individuality and their own idio-centric thoughts will have conflicting views with another being who takes pride in their respective individuality and their own respective idio-centric thoughts. The greatest artists and musicians are usually kookier than shit but they create some wonderous works of art. It's not a coincidence that "artistic" and "autistic" are only one letter from being the same exact word.

The worst kooks (and thusly the most whacky and entertaining kooks) are the ones who truly don't believe that they are insane. To put it simply, everyone's shit stinks and if you think your shit doesn't smell like poo-oooooo-oo-oo then you are ten-fold times more crazy than you think you are. It's hard to decipher if a nutjob is honest and genuine about their craziness or just in it for the money or the laughs.

"healing" or taking a wicked dump?
Some kooks like psychics, faith healers, and vendors of strength magnets and that bullshit are ALWAYS in it for the money and they get rich off of genuine people who want to purchase their services. Fake kooks like faith healer Peter Popoff are so cold and mean behind the scenes to their clients that it's actually sickening.

Folks act kooky for the laughs sometimes as well, sites like Ghosts/Aliens or other parody sites are made by people who are trying to entertain through feigned insanity.

Real genuine kooks are very bright people who just went astray along the way thanks to some silly little mental mishap(s). If only they focused their immense brain power on something useful, like switching their interest from something nuts like astrology to something fruitful and coherent like astronomy (one letter makes a HUGE difference in this case) then they'd be putting their gifted heads to use. They just need to critically assess where they are going overboard and come back a few hundred steps or so.

A person who can't self-critically assess themselves is so odd that it's entertaining. An example from film would be "The Room" (written about previously in this blog), I am convinced that Tommy Wiseau believed he was making a great movie and actually believed that he has loads of charisma. He has no self-critical assessment of himself in regards to how he appears to the outside world, he is truly 100% autistic, living in his own fantasy. He is the truest definition of an idiot (sorry but it's true, not the "dumb" definition mind you but the one above that encompasses everyone).

If you are reading this and think you are the one person on earth who isn't crazy, think again. You might think you are "normal" but you may only be "normal" to the criteria of what you consider as normal. Chances are you have superstitions, or pray to imaginary friends (Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, and those guys count too), or display some manner of idiosyncratic mannerisms that appears odd to others who observe you, and I bet you have some deep dark secret thoughts of your own that make you one of us....a human being.

Don't drown in your own shit.....
We're all in this mess known as "intelligent life" together, and we all got our "demons" in those minds of ours but we don't necessarily have to dance with them alone.

To conclude, here is one of my favorite quotes of all time, from the Great Sage of Funk himself, Mr. George Clinton...

"I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the human race...yet I was not offended...for I knew I had to rise above it all or drown in my own shit."

-Clinton, G., Maggot Brain (opening verse)

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