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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Too depressing and serious lately...

...So here's a Mookie Wilson cavalcade supercade OVERLOAD!

Mookie Wilson has the greatest name I've ever heard. I don't care who knows about it. Mookie Wilson won the 1986 World Series. Mookie Wilson is either the uncle or step-dad or father of Preston Wilson.

Mookie Wilson hangs out with Muppets. Mookie Wilson started a school for inner-city low-income teenage girls in New Jersey and those young ladies are called "Mookie's Roses". I think that Mookie is like Bosley from Charlie's Angels and he shows up on a TV screen at the school after class and dispatches his Roses on international spy missions.

 This is a song about Mookie Wilson:

Mookie Wilson was put on this earth to help us....

This is also a song about MOOKIE WILSON......Click on the following LiNk...

Wait, I want to talk about it first. Did you know when Mookie was in High School that he didn't even play baseball his first year? Holy crap. He didn't play because he was scared and so much smaller than the other guys. Oh man. Then he realized that he has more confidence than those big guys and he made the team. Wow.

One time he was playing the Pirates and it was extra "ainings" and there was one out and he was on third base. Mackey Sasser hit a ground ball and Mookie scored the winning run! Whoa! Then as a matter of fact he did it again the very next night against the Montreal Expos. You know why? Because he took care of himself, ate right, lived the clean living, and because he BELIEVED IN HIMSELF! Yeah! How's that for inspiration!?

(Important and Crucial Advisory: The next link will make you believe in yourself)


Now that you believe in yourself you have to understand that Mookie Wilson is a cool guy. You can do anything you want. You can be anything you want to be. It is very uplifting. Don't let life get you down. You can cure cancer or win the world series...or you can do both. You can score the winning run. You can be like Mookie Wilson too.

This man knows how to live life

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