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Monday, December 24, 2012

Canadian Bill C-45 Breakdown Summary

The government always tries to slam through crazy 500 page bills right before Christmas break because they know it's the easiest time to get them passed because no one wants to go into Christmas break thinking about work and, in the case that the bill fails to pass, no Canadian citizen wants to have to go and vote in an election on Christmas.

They dubbed this 457 page whopper of a bill the "Job and Growth Act" (because, hey, who doesn't just love jerbs and growth?), and sold it as a bill that will be "tough on crime."

This bill is written as if it is to ammend the Criminal Code to make it more "tough on crime," but one must wonder why it is being pushed through by the Finance Minister and why it is nicknamed the "Jobs and Growth Bill."

They didn't exactly tell the public that in that 457 pages of legal-speil sheister-ridden gobbledeguk were ammendments which alter the constitution on matters such as Native Treaty Rights, Fisheries, Employment Insurance, Oil and Gas Operations, and a slew of other totally unrelated matters. So, if you're watching the news lately, and see a lot of Canadian First Nations folks in the street...it's because they are really really fucking angry about this effronterous sheister-ass bill.

The Bill (.PDF): http://www2.macleans.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/C-45-Jobs-and-Growth-Act-2012.pdf
Tough on crime....and lakes?

Mixed into the LAWCAP's lawyer-lingo is countless changes that really have no place in a bill pertaining to the the Criminal Code.

For example, they have a huge section listing which waterways/lakes/rivers/oceans are now navigatable by the "crown" (buried near the end on page 424).

One of the things that is making the First Nations angry, is that they know that these lakes and rivers are not going to be used for fishing by the government, they are going to be used to dump tailings and chemicals into them.

I thought it would be fun to throw the word "pipeline" into the edit-find function on the PDF file to see how many times they changed acts regulating that industry and...
It's not a "work" it's....uh..something different!
Gee, now who would have thought that something benefitting oil companies would have been snuck into a 457 page filibuster bill?

I'm not an expert in LAWCAP sheister-spiel, but I think the above ammendment states something along the lines that the term "work" is used in the "Oil and Gas Operations Act", and this ammendment will make a pipeline not considered a "work" thus it will be exempt from regulations in the "Oil and Gas act" due to semantic sheister-speil reasons.

That's just two examples, I don't want to waste my life reading this stupidity any longer, it's Christmas and shit, and just like the morons in the opposition parties who let this bill pass...I don't want to read the entire 457 pages of asshole-garbage either.

There's a cool movement afoot called the Idle No More movement of First Nations People, and I hope it garners support but....personally, I think the average WASP Canadian is far too racist to support or care about things like this.

Please, if you are interested, read the bill, these examples are just two of possibly thousands of depraved LAWCAP maneuvers in it.

Honestly, I think Jim Flaherty should resign, and I think a law should be made that a 457 (200+) page bill should be given months to peruse and not filibustered through at Christmas time, and that a clarity act should be installed to eliminate the wording of deceptive bills and stop the erroneous nick-naming of said bills.


  1. "...personally, I think the average WASP Canadian is far too racist to support or care about things like this."
    And I think it's safe to say they feel the same way towards most Aboriginals. Canada is no longer a White/Aboriginal nation, we draw from people all around the world. The longer this kind of thinking goes on between whites and Aboriginals the harder it will be to fight the government when they pull stunts like this. This needs to be a combined "Canadian" movement.

  2. I get 2000 comments per day. 1999 of them are automated BOTS. This is actually a real comment. I can't believe it. I'm so happy.

    WASP means...White Anglo Saxon Person. I was saying that most Canadians feel that way towards aboriginals. You are agreeing with me.

    I was trying to say that the Aboriginals are mad because they care about things like water/air pollution while the average WASP (White Angle Saxon Person) does not.