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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Global Mystery: Who is Baba Jukwa...and will he/she spell the end of Robert Mugabe's 27 year rule of Zimbabwe?

Twenty seven years as head of state is a long time. In fact, it is too long. Zimbabwe needs free democratic elections without a doubt.

Robert Mugabe may have been a hero in the 1980s but at some point the need to stay in power has corrupted his mind.

In a country where speaking against the ruling party is totally illegal and incredibly dangerous...one mysterious Facebook account is turning some heads in the southeast African nation for the critical opinions expressed.

Account: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Baba-Jukwa/232224626922797

The account is registered to a "Baba Jukwa" and he claims to be a "concerned father" and member of Mugabe's political party. He seems to be using social networking as a means to fill the public in on the corrupt inner-workings of Mugabe's Zanu dictatorship political party.

His account has 60,000+ likes and has 17,000 facebook users currently talking about him/her. It doesn't sound like much but according to this article only 15% of Zimbabweans have internet...so although those figures seem low, it's actually pretty significant numbers.

You have to understand that being critical of the Zanu party is basically illegal and that what this person is doing on facebook is extremely dangerous. If the user's identity is discovered he/she is as good as dead.

Many countries with dictatorship-style governments heavily censor the internet, so it will be interesting to see what they do with this facbook account and how this plays out.

One thing that's fascinating about the internet is that not only are those statements in Baba's account being broadcast to Zimbabwe but also to the entire global community. The user may be on a suicide mission...but he/should know that many people the world over respect him/her for speaking their mind in a very oppressive society.

Will it end the dictatorship of Mugabe and bring free democracy to Zimbabwe? It's unlikely but it is very interesting...and it's something that most of us cannot relate to or even fathom. Most of us can't understand that for speaking your mind in some areas of the world....you can die....but it's true.

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