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Friday, May 3, 2013

What Soured Relations between the United Nations and Canada?

Canada had a security council seat at the U.N. from 1946 until 2010. They lost it and will not get it back for a long time.

It seems now that the International Civil Aviation Organization which has been in Montreal since 1947 is likely to be lost as well.

Why has Canada's global reputation soured so much with the rest of the world?

1. Canada went on a retarded and abusive lecturing tour at the start of the European economic recession that left a bad taste in people's mouths. The Prime Minister of Canada telling everyone to shape up and be more Canadian made everyone in the room roll their eyes.

2. Canada has openly stated that they expect "results" from the U.N. even in charitable causes. Canada pulled out of the African Drought Convention.


Canada is the ONLY country on earth who is not a part of this convention. The reasons given were that Canada wants "results" from the U.N. if they are going to be a part of it.

3. Canada has made it known that CIDA is no longer an "aid" organization (as if it ever was)...and is now solely an organization to promote natural resource extraction in third world countries. Sort of like an arm for companies like Iamgold Corp., First Quantum and and other Canadian companies.

Canada has aggressively told the U.N., Paris Club, and IMF to act in their favor concerning resource ownership in countries like Congo and Mali to help their mining companies in those regions.

Basically now,  when a Canadian official speaks at the U.N. it's only to their own reporters. No one likes Canada anymore.

Who cares you ask? Most Canadians take the attitude that the U.N. is useless and corrupt and they are happy that Canada acted like asses and made everyone hate them. But, then something like this comes around where the U.N. is pulling the International Civil Aviation Organization out of Canada and we start to think twice.

That's a decent sized organization and means a lot of employment, commerce, and foreign businessmen in the city. Losing it is not healthy for commerce.

I heard a Canadian foreign minister on Erin Rand's radio show today and I must say it was the stupidest thing I've heard in a while.

When Rand has politicians on he is very critical and asks tough questions. In an interview he did with Jean-François Lisée for example a few weeks ago...he was very abrasive and hard. Today though, when he interviewed the Canadian foreign affairs minister (Baird) he tossed him softball questions and didn't ask anything difficult. It literally is the Canadian federal government's fault that the U.N. and much of the world have done a complete 180 on their opinion of Canada...yet Erin just tossed softballs at him like a kitten.

I'm starting to think Rand is only hard on french people like Jean-François Lisée because their french...with english politicians he acts like a littly puppy.

Anyways, It just bothers me that little redneck piles of fat dung....guys like Baird....act as a representative of all Canadians to the world. If anyone around the world is reading...believe me...the average Canadian is not a retarded idiot like that guy who does speeches at the UN is.

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