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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Uh oh...Oil is on the Rise.


Sounds pretty harmless, just a set of numbers slowly rising. No big deal. But, what if, hypothetically, an entire society of people just happened to have set the whole meaning of their lives and priorities around a construct measurement?

Those numbers are the cost of crude oil per barrel.

Now I know everyone in the media, everyone on twitter, and everyone on Facebook is a geo-political expert and knows exactly what is going on in the Middle East...but you should at least consider oil price when formulating your respective opinions.

(One of a million articles from the net on oil prices and the Middle East: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-08-26/gold-holds-gain-as-wti-climbs-japan-index-futures-drop.html)

If you read that article and didn't know what they were talking about, it's okay. It's business talk for basically...

"Oil companies and their investors are losing money because of tensions in the Middle East"

That one line sums it up, I'd say. It probably answers a lot of questions you've been having too. Questions along the lines of...why is the US and other countries only now deciding to take this bloody on-going war seriously? Sorry to reiterate but it's because...

"Oil companies and their investors are losing money because of tensions in the Middle East"

Foreign Policy

If you were wondering why after two years the western world just all of a sudden picked a side in the war in Syria, then you're not alone. The foreign policy of the western world is boiled down to one simple word...


Stability in the region keeps everyone producing crude oil in the Middle East. That one word means that oil prices will not go haywire on speculators, that oil prices will not shoot through the roof and force penny-pinching stock-jobbers to contemplate suicide, and that oil prices will remain safe and thus ease the minds of those nice friendly charlatans.

It doesn't matter who's in charge over in the Middle East, just as long as the price of oil doesn't go into triple digits. You could be named Muammar Gaddafi and declare yourself King For Life, and have a 200 billion dollar net worth while your country only has an 80 billion dollar total GDP. You and your private army can own everything that exists in the country. You can swim in a golden swimming pool while unemployment reaches 50% and your army murders hundreds of protesters....and all that would be okay with the west. No bid deal, they love that shit. As long as oil in the Middle East is not in triple digits...no one cares what you do.

You could be named Hosni Mubarak, and dictate for 30 years and when people finally want a change you can order the Supreme Council of Armed Forces to gun them down....that's okay too. Just don't let oil prices go triple digits.

Now I'm not saying all the rebel factions in these regions are good people either. They have their dark elements too. They have rival gangs who are jealous for the power these dictators have, or some are extreme religious zealots with no intelligence or reason.

The only point I'm trying to make is you can't pretend the western world gets involved in these conflicts for "justice" or "to fight the good fight" or some sort of romantic bullshit. The only reason the west will ever intervene in a conflict is to stabilize oil prices. It's literally as simple as that.

Has the West ever really Done much good with this Foreign Policy?

Does sending young men and women to fight in a struggle that doesn't concern them solely for the reason of getting oil prices under 100 really a good policy? Has declaring war on a Middle East nation ever ended well?

People who join the army aren't necessarily the most stable humans in your society. We've seen videos leaked of young kids shooting civilians or foreign reporters and then laughing about it like they were playing a video game. We've seen pictures of torture, murder, and everything else you could think of. How does contributing more violence somehow stabilize a region? If anything wouldn't it just compound the instability?

Could it possibly, not only add more instability to the region, but also threaten lives at home? Could every drone randomly dropped on an unstable region possibly create two terrorists as a by-product of that action? Could these invasions leave the unstable region with negative feelings towards the nation supposedly trying to help them? Possibly.

Also, how much does this cost taxpayers? That's another good question. I'm all for defensive military. I am perfectly fine with the government purchasing defensive vehicles to protect the nation from possible dangers. Air-to-Air planes, naval boats to patrol the shores. No problem. Those are great.

Yet, when it comes to vehicles purchased for the sole purpose of attacking a foreign nation. I wouldn't even put that in the "Defense" budget. Canada for instance almost spent 45 billion dollars on planes designed for preforming ground attacks on foreign installations. If it wasn't for a public outcry which stopped the plan...Canada would have spent 45 billion dollars of tax payer money on planes designed to attack foreign nations.

The pentagon (which has a 700 billion per year budget) spends 283 billion dollars per annum on military operations in foreign nations. Operations with the goal of stabilizing oil prices.

Again, I have no problem with a military or para-military organization conducting research and development, nor do I have a problem with military organizations spending money on civil defense. But, to use almost 300 billion per year to send kids to go to some fucking war zone just to try and make oil go under a hundred bucks a barrel is lunacy.

What's a Better Use of the Money?

If you take that 300 billion per year and invest it into research and development...specifically into perfecting and efficicating the transfer of operations from an oil-based society to a sustainable-energy-based society...you are making a sound investment. Truth is...science isn't even that far off.

If you don't have to give a fuck about whether oil is trading at 60 bucks or 120 bucks...your mind will be more at ease to start caring about stuff that isn't completely retarded.

Then again, I'm not an expert on energy or war or anything. I just like to have opinions on things sometimes.

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