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Saturday, November 22, 2014

In Semi-Defense of the Cos

I am writing on the subject of Bill Cosby today and his recent negative press over allegations against him. Lately, many women have come forward with the claim that The Cos got a bit too frisky with their pussies back in the day. Reruns of his syndicated Cosby Show are being pulled from the air and everyone is hating on the man big time.

I am only semi-defending Cosby, for I do not know if the allegations are true or not.

Why Doesn't Robin get the Same Treatment?

RIP, Legend.
Rest in peace comedy legend Robin Williams you were great (although Patch Adams made me cringe and puke).

His death was so sudden and sad, yet I think in regards to the current Cosby situation some of his past transgressions should be stated. 

Everyone only has nice things to say about Robin, yet in 1986 allegations arose that he gave herpes to many waitresses around the country by having sex with them and conveniently forgetting to inform them that he had the terrible terrible herpes. The cases were thrown out in court and the media never talks about these allegations. There's truth to them too...Williams 100% did have herpes and he did tour the entire country working in comedy clubs where pretty waitresses worked at...two plus two usually equals 4, no?  There's more evidence to these allegations against him than the ones against The Cos yet no one really has ever heard about them. Robin is always seen as a guy who did no wrong.

Still, it might be just respect for the deceased that excludes the press from talking about that...I am sure when Cosby dies he will have a wave of positive press and none of the negative side of him will be talked about.

Another example of a comic swiftly bypassing allegations is that retarded little shitball Woodie Allen, this guy adopted a young girl and then when she turned 17 he divorced his wife and married his daughter. Recently, allegations have been made that he raped a 7 year old girl...yet those allegations kind of came and went. Woodie is still in Hollywood making movies and people still want to work with him. Personally, I think Woodie Allen is garbage both at life and at making movies. Do I believe Allen raped a 7 year old girl? Look, a guy who divorces his wife to marry his adopted 17 year old daughter obviously has some mental problems and it is not out of the question that he did other shit to other young women. Again, who knows if they are true but there's more to go on with these allegation than the ones made about Cosby.

Robin and Woodie never had their careers hindered by allegations women have made about them. So why is the Cos not getting a free ride through these allegations like they did? Who knows.

What Started this Mess

Hannibal Buress
Comedian Hannibal Buress does a bit where he talks mad shit about Cosby, including referencing the allegations against him. The reason he does this bit isn't to get Cosby in trouble, it's just to tell Cosby to back the fuck off and let young comics do their thing. I don't think he meant any harm.

I think Buress is very talented....and I respect the edge and the ballz he's got. There's actually a very specific reason I dig Buress (and it's not just because he has a really cool name). Hannibal as a black stand up knows the majority of his demographic audience is black Americans and when you have a demographic...what most people do is say whatever that demo wants to hear and never shake things up. They tailor-make their routine to coincide with what their demo wants to hear. In regards to how black Americans feel about religion (specifically Christianity) the majority of that demographic is devoutly religious. So for example, take the walking stereotype Katt Williams talking about religion to his demo...

He states that anyone who could believe in evolution is a retard. Now in contrast, let's look at a bit by Buress on the subject of christianity in comparison:

Bit: H. Buress, "Burritos and Jesus" bit via Comedy Central.

Some I.P.s can't access CC if they are outside the States (haha I can't right now either, I hope it's the right bit) so the transcript of the bit is as follows...
My neighborhood is changing so much, there was a nice Mexican restaurant that served tasty burritos...but it is now a small church, which is very upsetting for me. Because I like burritos more than I like Jesus...because burritos are very delicious...
          ....and they're real! 

          (Buress, H.)
Honestly, I've never seen a black comedian in history (maybe I'm mistaken), talk shit about the J-man. I don't think I ever have...I even googled the terms "Dick Gregory, Jesus" and can't seem to find anything concrete, I'm sure Dick did but he's more spoken word than stand up, anyway. Making fun of religion is just something you don't do because the demo doesn't want to hear that. Therefore, Buress is far more edgy than a Katt Williams...even if he's not saying "mother fucker this and mother fucker that" or talking about dicks and pussies and sex...he's saying shit that I don't think any other black comedian has ever said before. He's talking mad smack about Christ, yo.

Anyways, this section is supposed to be about the current feud between Hannibal Buress and The Cos so we better get into that soon...

Bill Cosby (star of great films such as Leonard Part 6), perceives himself as being the authority of good taste and the prescriptive principal of what all black actors can do, we've heard over the years about the "call" where once a black comedian gets famous they get a phone call from The Cos telling them they are not allowed to swear or say anything dirty.

Eddie's experience with the "phone call"

Cosby is so howdy-doody, that when his TV-daughter (not even his real life daughter!) started doing nude scenes in movies in 1987...he flipped out and fired her from the show. He really has a high opinion of himself and is fast to engage in finger-pointing for what he believes is indecent behavior.

To me, what Hannibal Buress is doing in this situation is interesting. He wasn't trying to get Cosby in trouble, he's just trying his best to say what many people have probably wanted to say but thought it would kill their career...he wanted to say something a long the lines of "Oh just fuck off you old bozo and let me be me!"

Why Some People are Happy

When a howdy-doody, goodie-two-shoes, gets some dirt on his shirt...it kind of makes some people happy. The majority of people don't like howdy-doodies.

I remember a lot of people in the baseball world were happy when the clean-cut howdy-doodies Steve Garvey and Wade Boggs had extra-marital affairs. It was almost like people breathed a sigh of relief that these Mr. Perfects weren't "perfect" anymore.

Cosby has spent his life pointing his finger and shaming people for saying the F-word or showing their tits in a magazine...so it's kind of fitting and a sigh of relief for some that Mr. Perfect has gotten a few stains on his reputation.


Some people, me included, like seeing the reputation of howdy-doodies come down to earth a little bit. No one is perfect, and I'm sure a lot of comedians who got the "call" telling them they aren't allowed to swear and Lisa Bonet who was ex-communicated by Cosby for showing her nipples in a photo shoot are probably pretty happy that Cosby's picture-perfect reputation is finally blemished.

Hopefully it doesn't get out of hand though, Robin Williams' career was NEVER hindered after the allegations made about him. Robin was allowed to be Howdiest of Doodies his whole life despite being accused of spreading his herpes to countless women without informing them of his condition...and I think if Robin was allowed to cruise through his career unblemished then so should Bill Cosby.

I know issues of race were touched in this article. I kind of hinted that the white Robin Williams cruised through his allegations while the black Cosby didn't get to bypass them. I think a case could be made in the effect that if Robin was black he wouldn't have been allowed to cool breeze out of that mess as easily...but that's not the main point of this article.

The big issue being presented here is Old versus Young. Young people all around the world want to take a step forward and leave their imprint on the world now. The old systems, the old concepts of "right and wrong", the old ways of operating, and many other things are on their way out as new concepts, new systems, and new methods of operating are coming in. Young people collectively are all basically all saying, "hey old folks...let us do our thing!"

In my opinion what Hannibal Buress was doing was just taking a step forward as a young comic trying to carve out a place in the world by telling an authoritative icon from a previous generation to get off everyone's back and leave them alone. I think it was the exact same bit that Eddie Murphy did on Raw many years ago...a sort of "hey! I'm young and cool and you old guys can drink my pee pee!" ...Hannibal made it a little more RAWer though (if he didn't raw it up and change it a bit he would have just been stealing Eddie's bit from the 80s).

I think it is getting out of hand though, Bill Cosby has NEVER been proven guilty of ANY of these allegations made against him. No stations should pull the Cosby show off of syndication...because it is still one of the greatest shows of all time.

Yazzum Pazzazum!

(End Note: I saw Leonard Part 6 when I was like a little kid, and I LOVED IT. I think it was very fun for young viewers. You have to rate films aimed at children a little different than films aimed at adults and I think Leonard Part 6 isn't as awful as people say...it's a good film for ages 8-13)

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