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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Nintendo World Championships of 2015 Declares to the World who is The People's Champion

I write about video games from time to time. I don't play a lot of new-age mumbo-jumbo video games but I still dabble in the old shit now and then. I wrote about video games 3 or 4 times I think, specifically these two are on matters concerning my thoughts on retro video gamery and it's competitive nature:

1. Good (and more importantly free games) on the Old Internet
2. Is there a Market for Competitive Retro Gaming?

Sometimes I think people read these articles I write because the 2015 World Video Game Championship's final round to decide the Nintendo Champion of the World was a series of hacked Mario levels made by programmers on a new game called "Mario Maker" and it had a severe retro feel to it (the era of NES and SNES).

I didn't hear about this event until I saw a few celebrities social media-ing about it (namely Fred Savage and Andrew Gardikis). Looking a few weeks ago about what this event was gonna be...it looked dumb...the games were all new age party games and it didn't seem that any retro shit was on the table. I watched the event anyhow the other day and lo-n-b-hold in the final event was a Competitive Retro Mario heaven, you can see it in its entirety here:

 The Hard-Ass Hacked-up Mario Levelz start at around he 3 and a half hour mark.

Just like in the film "The Wizard" starring Fred Savage and that kid who wants to go to California (and who then in another film became the 12 year old coach of the Minnesota Twins baseball club) where the final test of the Nintendo Tournament of Champions was a "new game"  the public had never seen before...the final round at the 2015 tourney was a set of Mario levels that NO ONE has ever had any practice with.

In the Wizard film of the 80s, our hero Little Jimmy rises to the challenge of learning a "new game" on the fly and adapts to his circumstances quickly to be crowned Champion of Nintendo. Similarly in the real life tournament the other day....the two finalists, Mr. Johnny Numbers and Cosmo Wright had to adapt to a new set of levels they never played and they'd need to adapt and make the adjustment to these new levels quickly if they wanted to come out on top.
Shigeru Miyamoto (left) John Goldberg (right)

In the end it was Johnny Numbers who's brain could could adjust quickly to the levels and figure how to finish them. He was able to enter the respective programmers brains and unravel the mysteries of these difficult Mario levels. People think, "whatever", but to be challenged with hard Mario levels you've never seen before and make that mental adjustment on the fly is actually very difficult. Numbers was able to make the adjustment, get to end of it all, drop that axe sealing Bowser's fate...and in turn sealing his fate as the People's Champion.

There's something so right about watching people compete at vintage Mario. It's a test of smarts, reflexes, adaptability, dealing with pressure, and so much more. It's more difficult than it looks. This was an intense competition by all standards measured, there's no doubt about it.

Congratulations to John Goldberg AKA Johnny Numbers for being crowned the King of Mario for the whole entire World to see!

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